How Does It Work?

Understanding how Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Waves Work

The key to how the AML PVC Pipe Detector works is to understand how its UHF radio waves detect PVC pipes, PE pipes and other objects.

Video Demostrations
  • Locating an Object
  • Aligning an Object
  • Marking an Object
Locating a PVC Pipe

Using the AML to locate underground objects it’s easy and effective, scan the area of interest holding the unit with its handle parallel to the ground, the radio waves penetrate the surface as deep as 40′ depending on the surface composition. The AML will indicate when an object has been found by activating an audio signal as well as indicator lights located by the control panel.

Marking a PVC Pipe

While the left or right target indicator is activated, rotate the AML until both LED target indicators light simultaneously, triggering the AML’s audio tone and laser pointer. This alert indicates that the pipe or object has been detected and that the AML is now parallel to the object.

Aligning the AML with a PVC Pipe

With the AML parallel with the pipe or object, you can now scan the entire length of the object’s edge. As an alternative, utilize a “W” method of scanning by sweeping the area in a back-and-forth “W” motion, marking the object’s location and run direction as it is tracked.